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Mochi Ice Cream Kit -

Mochi Ice Cream Kit -

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  • EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: The Make It At Home Mochi Ice Cream kit comes with a super easy to follow instruction and recipe booklet, included is both a physical and digital copy. Each instruction is numbered and individually illustrated and explained to make following along a breeze. Step by step video instructions are also included, for access refer to the last page of the instruction booklet.
  • HAVE FUN & LEARN AT THE SAME TIME: The best thing about our DIY kits is that you are able to learn at the same time as having fun baking delicious treats. Whether you are using this kit for a fun night in with friends or your a parent looking for an activity for the kids, fun and skill building are both included, from basic kitchen skills to learning foundational baking techniques.
  • MAKE AS MANY MOCHI AS YOU WANT: We made this kit with practicality in mind. You can use our kit to make as many Mochi as you like without being limited by pre-packaged ingredients. All the ingredients required for these kits can be purchased at your local supermarket and be used to make endless Mochi in all sorts of variations. We’ve also scannable links in the instruction booklet on to where to buy each ingredient online to make it even easier.
  • GREAT FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY: Both kids and adults will have a blast using our DIY Mochi kit. Whether you're looking for a tiny baking set or real cooking kit for your boy or girl, an adults baking kit, or baking gifts for women who love to bake, this is for you. We’ve built our kits with this in mind to capture the fun and challenge of creating something new in your kitchen, while making the instructions easy to follow and totally kid friendly as well.
  • FOLLOW ALONG COOKING VIDEO: If you're in need of a little extra instruction or just want to see how to get the best results while using our Mochi Food Kit we’ve included a free cooking video for you to access any time you need it. Our head chef will take you step by step and show you the techniques, tips and tricks on making the best looking and tasting Mochi. Just scan the QR code on the rear of the instruction booklet!


The Make It At Home DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit comes with all the cooking utensils, tools, recipe and step by step illustrated instructions that you need to make delicious and personalized Mochi, and have a blast doing it. We’ve created the tools in this kit after testing out various shapes, sizes and combinations and have found these to make the best tasting and easiest to create Mochi. In the box we have our food grade silicone spatula to make mixing the super sticky Mochi dough a painless experience. We’ve included a 12” rolling pin to roll out the mochi dough to get the perfect consistency and thickness. Next is our stainless steel Mochi dough cutter to get the perfect shape and length for wrapping the Mochi. Finally our silicone Mochi ice cream mold to freeze the ice cream balls into the perfect shape and for quick and easy release from the mold. All the silicone tools are made from Food Grade Silicone and are super easy to clean afterwards. To tie everything together we have our Instruction and Recipe Booklet which includes a list of the ingredients required in the perfect amounts, and step by step color illustrations of each step in the recipe to make it super easy to follow along. You’ll also find scannable QR code links to buy each ingredient online, we’ve curated this from the actual ingredients we’ve used when testing our kit and the recipes. Finally on the rear of the booklet is another scannable QR code which leads to the video instructional we’ve created for you to follow along with us while we make Mochi Ice Cream using our kit. We’ve included the best tips, tricks and techniques inside the video so you get the best results every time. We look forward to seeing what you create with our Mochi Ice Cream DIY Kit and would like to thank you for joining the Make It At Home Family!

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