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Turbo Race Wooden RC Car Kit -

Turbo Race Wooden RC Car Kit -

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  • High-Quality Craftsmanship: This build-your-own car kit is a fantastic example of kids' wood crafts. The high-quality wooden, metal and electronic components ensure durability and longevity, making it a perfect choice for crafts for boys who enjoy woodworking, engineering and painting their own creations.
  • Have Fun & Learn at the Same Time : As part of our craft kits, every project promotes STEM education, effectively serving as a science project that's also a lot of fun. It's designed for ages 8-12 boys & girls and encourages them to discover the joy of art and learn basic engineering concepts.
  • Interactive Playtime: After assembly, the model car kit comes to life as a working toy with a motor that kids can control with an easy-to-use remote. This exciting feature adds a new level of engagement to assembly toys, creating a whole new world of play for car loving kids.
  • Skills Development: With this DIY craft kit, you will be challenged by a sort of 3D puzzle that helps develop creativity, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. It's more than just stuff to paint for kids; it's a chance to build toys and gain practical skills.
  • Fun for The Family: This kit isn't just for kids, it's a joy for adults too. Whether you're helping your child with a model car kit to build and paint or exploring your own interest in assembly toys and working models kits, this kit has something for everyone. This kit captures the fun and challenge of creating something new, while the instructions are easy to follow and kid-friendly. It's more than a science project, it's a bonding experience that's a a great gift for anyone who loves to build.
  • Follow Along Video: We’ve also included a Step-by-Step video instructional for you to follow along with us as we build and paint our own car kit at home, with on-screen instructions. Just scan the QR code on the manual to be taken directly to the video!


Discover the thrill of electrical and mechanical engineering with this unique build-your-own car kit. Meticulously designed to provide a hands-on experience, this kit promotes creativity, problem-solving, and a love for learning. Each wooden piece is carefully crafted, allowing children to decorate their model cars, bringing their imagination to life. This kit is much more than a toy. It's a gateway to STEM education, seamlessly integrating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into an entertaining activity. Children aged 8-12 will find the tasks challenging yet achievable, fostering a sense of accomplishment and sparking curiosity. What sets this kit apart is the interactive playtime and the customizability it offers. The model comes with a 12pc paint set and 10 racing decals to truly make the car one of a kind. Then, once assembled, the model car becomes a remote-controlled vehicle, providing hours of fun. This feature not only adds excitement but also reinforces the practical applications of the skills learned. In the box you’ll find: - All the components you need to completely build your RC Car & Remote Control, components are packaged separately and organized neatly - 1 Stainless metal screwdriver/allen key that makes assembly a breeze - 12pc Paint Set with 2 included brushes, one fine tip for close up work and one wide for painting large areas - 10 racing decals to further customize your car and make it your own - 4 Double AA Batteries , this way your ready to start using your car right out the box without needing to go out and buy batteries - A full set of color paper instructions that will show you how to assemble the RC Car and Remote and also how to use them (PDF also included) Welcome to the Make It At Home Family! We hope you enjoy building, customzing and racing our Turbo Race Wooden RC Car Kit!

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    x1 Wooden RC Car Kits

    x1 Wooden RC Remote Control Kits

    x1 12 Piece Paint Set

    x2 Paint Brushes

    x4 AA Batteries


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