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Ultimate Paper Airplane Kit -

Ultimate Paper Airplane Kit -

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    • THE ULTIMATE PAPER AIRPLANE KIT - Forget buying separate supplies to build paper airplanes. Our kit comes with absolutely everything you need to design, fold, customize and fly over 65 paper airplanes including 20 unique planes and 5 Origami designs.
    • FUN & LEARNING INCLUDED - Our airplane activity kit not only includes hours on hours of fun with our Airplane Target Banner & Airport Landing Mat Game, but also includes many STEM learning lessons like Airplane dynamics, lift, drag and weight.
    • EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS - Each instruction has been both illustrated and explained in our included step by step kids airplane project handbook. Follow along by using the illustrated steps, and then use the descriptions to get the fold just right.
    • HOW IT WORKS - Pick a colour or designed paper sheet, follow the handbook, fold your plane. Next use stickers from our 8 sticker sheets and our Glow In The Dark Stylus to customize your plane, next our launcher will shoot your plane far into the sky!
    • MADE BY PARENTS FOR PARENTS - All our products have been specially designed by parents for parents & children using the specific age group we intended. Careful consideration goes into everything we do to ensure you and your kids have fun & learn too!


The Make It At Home Ultimate Paper Airplane Kit is one of the best ways to create paper airplanes for kids ages 8-12 and beyond. It works great not only as boys crafts and crafts for girls ages 12-14, but also as educational STEAM toys for kids. It includes 45 solid colour paper sheets, 25 specially designed printed paper sheets, a 40-page instruction handbook complete with folding instructions for 25 unique designs as well as lessons on lift, drag and weight. Also included in the book are instructions on how to use the included Airplane Throwing Target Banner, the Airport Landing Mat Game and the newly designed paper airplane launcher. Design your planes with the included 8 sticker sheets, and the Glow In The Dark Stylus. We've also included 20 rubber bands to use with the launcher and 10 paper clips to be used in our lessons. Log all your flight details in our Flight Log Book. Safe storage also included with our Zipper Locking Carrying bag to keep all your supplies neat and organized when you're ready to play again. We know you'll love the Make It At Home Ultimate Paper Airplane Kit! Buy yours today and take the Paper Folding Challenge!

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